Thursday, 30 June 2011

Letter for my Hubby

Posted by Afni Amzah at Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hubby saya! :)

Dear Hubby,

I know we had our roller coaster times together. Everyone does. I know i have been constantly giving you headaches for being such a not-so-good girlfriend. This is my insecurities speaking, but nevertheless you stick with me though ups and downs.

Sometimes I don't get you, sometimes you don't get me too. I am different and so do you. I wonder how we can even mix? Well that's life. Many complaints had been made from me because i don't see the world as you do. But you always complete my imperfections by giving me your patience and your views so that i can see the world just like you do.

I trust you like you trust me and lets just go with the flow, we will see how far we will go. But i can't lie, this girl been dreaming of marrying you. :)

Lots of Love

Afni Amzah


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